8 days at a yoga immersion at Yoga Barn = happiness

Don’t let the swimming pool and blue skies fool you! I was actually working very hard and learning, doing my best to retain all this amazing information from Bex Tyrer, Yoga Teacher at Yoga Barn.

Completing the course with Bex Tyrer has meant so much to me personally. 1 year ago I arrived in Mama Bali, a few key events happened in my life at the time.

  1. I was let go from my Senior Marketing Manager role (insert sad face here)
  2. I was 3 months into my 10 month yoga teacher training course (insert happy face here)
  3. I was 2 months into training to complete a 16km obstacle course (insert WTF face here)

When I arrived, my heart was heavy from losing my job. I tried so hard to be brave! But my eyes and smile had sadness in them (that’s what my Mum said. Lol). I was scared depression would rear it’s head again I would be set back 5 years. Basically when you have a depressive episode, you are at a higher risk of developing depression again and need to watch it carefully to avoid slipping. I was also scared about the obstacle course! The last thing you want to do after losing your job is run 16km after not training for many, many years! And sooo, I landed in Bex’s class in Bali right when it felt like my heart was breaking.

Bex said “Do you trust life fully?”…not just to me, the whole class. But, this question cut through to my soul and I surrendered into my savasana and said yes! I am shitting myself about everything that was happening, but I trust life fully! The job wasn’t right for me, the culture was toxic to say the least and although teacher training was intense, it felt right because I felt so happy learning about yoga.

To be able to come back to train with Bex and practice and learn from this amazing human that teaches from the heart is an absolute privilege. I am so grateful to be here.

One year on, I recovered from job loss and found an amazing role in a non-profit job, I am working daily to own my mental health and wellness, I have become a yoga teacher and am teaching (woohoo), I am blogging regulary, public speaking and finished a 16km obstacle course in 1 piece with an incredible team and I feel so happy and thankful for the past 365 days that has brought me back to Bali for further yoga training with Bex.

What are you grateful for? This is your reminder that sometimes there will be rainy days! Outside and inside! But…there is a rainbow sitting there. Sometimes even 2 rainbows if you look carefully and see the sunshine and blue skies that will appear!


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