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Tapas : Commitment

  • What are you committed to?
  • Who are you committed to?
  • What action do you regularly take to work towards your intention or goal? 

In yogic philosophy tapas refers to regular action and commitment to an intention. It shows discipline and is the effort invested to fulfil an intention. Sometimes the results will come quickly, and sometimes the results won’t come straight away as you desire. But, they will come with regular effort and wholeheartedly committing.

This is one of my favourite principles in yoga philosophy and something I aim to practice. It’s hard sometimes! I am not a yogic guru sitting on a rock in the Himalayas that has a completely still mind and all the answers with a steadfast commitment to everything I do! I waiver, I stumble, I fall. Frequently! Even so, I aim to cultivate commitment to get where I aim to be and results don’t come as fast as I would like and it’s challenging to stay positive when results don’t flow my way.

Being a yoga teacher does not mean that you are immune to life or so positive you put a smile on your dial, thumbs up, everything is A-OK 100% of the time! If only. Since I have embraced yoga as a student and a teacher and meditation, I have become more aware of my emotions. Practicing yoga does not mean that you feel less pain. For me, it has strengthened my resilience and commitment to hold onto my values and my dreams, my friends and family, come what may.

Shivjyoti was my yoga teacher from 2015 – 2017 and significant in my decision to become a yoga teacher. She teaches with much love and generosity and shared that yoga practice starts when you leave the mat. Yoga happens outside of the yoga studio. It’s about commitment to whatever you may be working towards.

This is me sharing to encourage you to listen to what speaks to your heart, your intention, and work daily towards fulfilling whatever your intention may be. Even when the going gets tough, even when the results don’t come your way, even when there are roadblocks. With commitment, action and intention, you will realise your dreams.

With love!

Roxy xo




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