Yogi assignment: Brahmacharya

Today I am writing about Brahmacharya which is one of the five yamas of yoga. Yamas relate to how someone holds themselves in the world and is relevant whether you practice yoga or not. They are:

  • Ahimsa which means non-violence
  • Satya which means truthfulness
  • Asteya which means non-stealing
  • Brahmacharya which means control over physical senses
  • Aparigraha which means letting go of greed

Yoga International highlights: “Brahmacharya practices range from the very structured to the highly intuitive. A person who craves candy bars may need to impose a limit of one per day. Yet that double-decker chocolate cheesecake might be just right for a special occasion. In a world overwhelmed by stimuli, making wise choices about the books and magazines we read, the movies we watch, and the company we keep will help us conserve energy and keep our mind focused and dynamic. Being moderate in sensory activities so that we don’t dwell on them, staying committed and faithful to one partner in a relationship that is mutually supportive—this is the middle path of brahmacharya.” Traditionally brahmacharya has been thought of as celibacy on the spiritual path, however it is more than this and relates to energy.

I have been thinking of my personal choices in all areas of my life. How I spend my time, energy and resources and have been thinking about how to best protect this. I love to give and share…but there is also a balance point. Where you need to give and also where you need to pull back and put self-care first.

Tomorrow I will start my 21 day healthy eating flush! Flush out the wine, the chocolate, the delicious cheese I love to nourish my body. I have been like a 10 year old in a chocolate factory! I want to care for my body and soul today and long-term. After having poor health with depression 6 years ago, it makes me realise how precious health is, so I am doing my best to practice brahmacharya! And live in moderation rather than chocolate and wine indulgence.

Plus, I have been looking at my relationships, people and projects around me to see where I need to give more and also where perhaps pull back on and move into a more respectful state of play to nourish myself.

My questions for you today are:

  • Where are you losing energy?
  • Where could you gain more energy?
  • What boundaries have you set with work, family and friends to nourish and care for yourself?
  • How could you nourish your body better?
  • How could you nurture your mind a little bit more?

Sending some positive vibes so you take care of you!

Roxy xo


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