Is personal development worth the effort?

Yes. Put simply, yes. I have fairly aggressively pursued personal and self development since 2013. I have always loved learning about faith, personal well-being and happiness. I love those personal development quizzes and seeing what “archetype” you fit under. Even though we are not labels!

Depression was the catalyst for me in 2013 to make a commitment to find myself, develop my soul and soothe my spirit. Know who I am and my values. I came unstuck and could not get out of my bed to put my clothes on. I knew something was wrong that day because I usually have energy coursing through my veins and I can usually run a mile. But my heart was so sad. Sometimes you have to come unstuck and shatter into what feels like a million pieces, to rebuild and know actually – you are not broken. Your spirit is stronger than you realise.

I remember looking into my mother’s face and my father’s face. I could see the worry  and the fear in their eyes as they looked at my sad eyes. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was at that time I made a commitment to myself and to my parents that I would be well. And so started my journey at my local doctor, counselling sessions, daily journaling and daily prayer. I was determined to get my life back on track.

I started to volunteer at an aged care facility in my neighbourhood which was a turning point. My car was not working so I would walk 30 minutes to volunteer. Volunteering grounded me, gave me perspective, got me out of the house and into the community and I was able to serve and look outwards. Depression can keep you looking inwards, and volunteering I had to switch on, be alert and engaged while I worked at the facility. As I walked to volunteering, I counted my blessings. The ability to have my physical health and walk was a gift. Sure, mental health was not all there, but physically I could walk and move. There was an energy shift the more that I volunteered.

I started to work in a debt collection agency which probably was not the best thing for a depressed girl! But, I needed the money and was grateful to be working again. Debt collection was a far cry from my marketing career and it was while working in collections that I started yoga practice again. My weekly studio membership was expensive, but I needed something to move and bring my breathing into balance. I saw the membership cost as an investment rather than a cost. And a regular yoga practice combined with daily habits of journaling, prayer, sharing my feelings honestly plus volunteering has shaped the direction of the last few years of my life.

Over the past few years I have learned to:

  • feel all the emotions
  • breathe
  • move
  • tune into what I need physically
  • tune into what I need emotionally
  • accept myself as I am imperfections and all
  • find equanimity in the turbulence of life
  • respond rather than react
  • find peace within my raging heart

This is what my commitment to personal development and healing has led to. Of course I have my days where I am not balanced and I react! I am only human…but I am in a better spot emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally than 2013.

Some people may think self development is self-indulgent or selfish or expensive. My thinking is there is no greater investment than into yourself, your peace of mind and getting to know yourself. Truly know yourself. I am still on this journey and learning all the time.

I wanted to share the value of investing in personal development so that you make time for you and part-take in activities that enable you to learn about who you are so you feel good in your skin. So that you are able to show up as the fullest and happiest version of yourself. You are more than worthy of your own love and happiness and to own who you are.

With love,

Roxy xo

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