Sankalpa + Intention

I love New Year vibes! It is a fresh start and a new beginning.  In yoga we talk about setting sankalpas and resolve. A sankalpa can be described as an intention from your heart. A few years ago my yoga teacher asked us when we were setting sankalpas:

  • Why is your sankalpa important?
  • What will happen when this sankalpa comes into fruition?
  • How will achieving this help you?
  • How will achieving this help the people around you?
  • How will achieving this help your community?

If you have a sankalpa you are working on, I encourage you to write it down and review it daily. This helps to keep your intention top of mind so that each day you are consciously taking action towards your vision. The questions above also help to understand what is driving you to work towards your sankalpa and why it means so much to you and what contribution it will make to your life and people around you plus the wider community. There is not right or wrong answer, it is your journey and what is important to your heart.

We also think New Year is the only time to set sankalpa, but you can set intentions every single day and take action each day to mindfully work towards fulfilling your heart’s desire. Sometimes it can be tricky because if you are anything like me, some days you are firing on all cylinders, and some days only half a cylinder! By looking at your intentions each day you can move back on track if you fall by the wayside some days (completely normal if you do!).

Wishing you a beautiful New Year. From my heart to yours!

Roxy xoxo

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