Hear your heart. Heal your soul.

That is the message I saw scrawled across a mirror at the yoga centre I was staying at in Indonesia in May this year. 10 days prior to my trip, I was let go from my flashy Senior Marketing Manager role leading a talented team. Through my blurry tears I hastily booked a quick getaway to Indonesia and the yoga centre (cos yoga is life right? Lol). I had been travelling and exploring through the day and doing my best to stay positive, keep a smile on my dial and busy myself when I flopped on my chair in a deserted part of the retreat centre that people rarely used.

I read the sign on the mirror and felt tears fill my eyes thinking of my newfound unemployment after I had made a huge fuss and announced loudly to my friends, my family, my world on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that I had a fabulous new job. Nekminit. Unemployed. Remind me not to broadcast anything ever again!

I was laying back in my chair with tears stinging my eyes when I met my guardian angel. Amy was running a healthy eating workshop and from New York. I was feeling awkward after losing my job and she must have sensed my sadness because she gave me dark chocolate (my favourite), and a gorgeous crocheted handmade skirt and said it’s “Perfect” I was in Bali after my role ended. It didn’t feel perfect to me, but I laughed anyway because she was kind and I could see the humour in it. It was great to have a chat to a friendly face. She gave me the skirt because it was handmade, well-loved and she had been saving it to give to someone who would care for it how she loved it and that person was me! She said to “Go with the universe. Trust.” and left the centre.

Amy was so kind to me and it was what I needed at the time. A little bit of chocolate because chocolate makes life better…and a kind word from a stranger. Signs come in the most random places and you simply never know the impact a show of support can have for someone.

One of my favourite quotes is:

“In a world where you can be anything, do anything and go anywhere – be kind.”

Kindness heals and helps people and can be the sign someone may need to keep going.

My sincere thanks to Amy for your kindness to me when I was in need of chocolate, a chat and a sign to listen to my heart and hear my soul.


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