Celebrating 350 hours of yoga teacher training

It has been 11 days since our graduation from 350 hours of yoga teacher training at Stretch Yoga. And what a journey! Training has taken up a large part of my life in my 35th year on this beautiful planet! I have truly loved learning at Stretch Yoga with PJ, studio owner and Principal yoga teacher and the wonderful teaching team Miriam Van Doorn, Nirvana Pilkington and Mauricio. What a privilege to learn from this group.

Some days in training felt so long as I struggled to understand sanskrit and tried desperately to hold onto the information my amazing teachers were sharing. I stumbled over my words and some days it felt like I had a frog in my throat as I did my best not to sweat nervously with practice teaching to my fellow classmates. I felt like a fish out of water on my first day, like a kid on the first day of school. A bundle of nerves – equal parts freaking out that I was finally doing this and excited and scared.

Will I make friends in the course? Who will I sit with in class? How would I manage studying and a full-time job managing a marketing team, leading sweet campaigns, yoga practice, volunteering and going to the gym? Well, I needn’t worry because I lost my job 2 months into the course which gave me ample time to study and practice! (…But, don’t worry – I found a fabulous new communications role in social services that I love).

The course was intense and increased my knowledge about yogic philosophy, the 8 limbs of yoga, yogic history, energy, practice, teaching, communication, body language, breaking poses down, students, structuring a class and the business of yoga. These are only a few subjects in the 22 modules we completed!

This year and completing the course has also been a period of personal growth and development. It has been a personal, spiritual and emotional journey for me. I have been uncomfortable through the course. E.g. waking up on a rainy Sunday morning for yoga teacher training at 8:30am was uncomfortable as I wanted to snuggle under my warm blanket. Uncomfortable is not bad, it simply means growth….and for that I am grateful.

The course has also made me see that yoga is vast! I have completed a wonderful 350 hours of training, which has made me see there is still so much more to learn.

In terms of practical steps, I am thrilled to get to this point. I have:

  • I registered myself as a sole trader
  • Launched this website
  • Started my Instagram page
  • Started Facebook page (in desperate need of some love)
  • Completed First Aid training
  • Completed CPR training
  • Bought 15 yoga mats, 15 blocks and 15 yoga straps so I can teach anywhere and anytime
  • Booked 150 hours of yoga training with Bex Tyrer in Bali
  • Started teaching on the North side of Brisbane and community classes (yay!)

One thing that has come to my mind is that this chasing your dreams stuff is busy and hectic! … and it brings me so much joy.

Above all, my teachers were all kinds of wonderful and held space for each and everyone of us completing the course. They taught with much love, kindness, patience and a firm hand! My hope is to move forward, respect what they have cultivated and serve my students with the same grace shown to me as I learned about all things yoga this year.

Thank you to beautiful Stretch Yoga teaching team and my classmates. I am ever grateful for this journey with you and my co students.

Roxy xo


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