Acro yoga + connection

I am 1 week away from completing my first Acro Yoga term. I love it sick! My Acro Yoga Teacher Nirvana Pilkington is amazing! Nirvana is teaching us about acro yoga which combines acrobatics, Thai massage and yoga and the key lesson I have learned is the importance of connecting and calibrating!

Calibrating basically means you vibe and connect with your acro partner before you move into any poses. Team work, communication and connection is what calibration is about. To work together efficiently, you need a base who will literally act as foundation and support the other partner flyer. We also have a spotter to look after us in case of any falls to ensure we are always safe.

This idea of calibrating did make me think of my work teams and the importance of communication and vibing when you walk in the door at work…or any environment for that matter.

When you walk into work do you acknowledge and greet everyone and vibe? Or do you put your head down, blinkers on and focus on your phone, computer and emails coming through without a second glance up at the people around you? Are you a woman or man on a mission and no time to say “Morning”. Calibrating and saying hello seems very simplistic in terms of building teams, but it sets the tone, builds communication, trust, creates a solid foundation for teams and is a show of respect to the people around you.

Personally, I love to connect and greet people around me. I want to engage with people around me, particularly my team mates. I have worked in some teams where people don’t talk to each other or stare at their computer screens or phones when they walk in the door despite spending 40 hours a week together. I find this really odd and struggled personally and I didn’t realise until this acro course, it’s because I want to “calibrate”! I want to connect and communicate with my team and the people around me and think without a very basic level of communication and respect, it can do a disservice achieving project goals. Whether you are working to fly someone in the air into an amazing acro pose, or deliver a compelling advertising campaign, I highly recommend calibrating!

Learn more about amazing Acro Yoga on YouTube!

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