It’s official! I received my Yoga Teacher certificate today

I started the morning off swinging a kettlebell around at the gym and then a mad dash to Yoga Teacher Training. My wonderful Senior Yoga Teacher and Principal Yoga Teacher gave me my 200 hour certificate when I arrived, I wish I had sunglasses in the picture below because I started crying when they gave me the certificate! I had no idea why I started crying, just that I love yoga and it means a lot to me to be able to teach in Australia and be qualified to teach around the world. I wanted to hide my #cryface…but I am practicing some self-love and think it’s a good thing to be stoked about my certificate. As I always say to my friends and family, it’s OK to release your emotions! Happy tears today…maybe a sigh of relief tears too. Haha..

Roxy xo

sunglassesI need a new pair of sunnies!







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