Who holds you?


And I don’t just mean the love of your life holding you and kissing you! I mean, who holds you when you are in your most vulnerable state, when the days seem cloudy and there are tears in your eyes. Who holds you when you land a new job, who is excited for you when you achieve what you’ve been working hard for and celebrates with you? Who holds you and makes time for you to see you in the flesh and bone. Not just a Facebook like on your picture here or an Instagram comment there, but who actually makes time to see you face-to-face and listens for your response when they ask ‘How are you?’ and looks at your face waiting for your response.

I am lucky to have my wonderful yoga teachers here literally holding me! This year I went in Tough Mudder for the first time, a 16km run filled with obstacles with my workmates. It was so much fun to participate together and my team literally pulled me up and over obstacles.

I feel grateful to have good friends and good people around me who make time for me to dry my tears when I am sad, who cheer for me when I win and who laugh with me along the way.

It’s been an uncomfortable year! But, one of immense growth personally! It was uncomfortable to lose my job earlier in the year, uncomfortable to start this yoga teaching course, uncomfortable to start my LinkedIn video course and start my video journey, uncomfortable to get in front of  my first yoga class and teach salutations in June, uncomfortable to go to Indonesia on my own and physically uncomfortable to go in Tough Mudder! Yet, I am so glad everything has been uncomfortable and new and awkward for me!

I have grown in small ways, in big ways and as my yoga teacher said last year – it’s about progress not perfection. And it’s in these moments of progress and imperfection that I have looked around at the people holding me….and feel ever so grateful.

My ex-colleagues from Brisbane and Toronto that have become my good friends, my big extended blended chaotic PNG family, my friends, my yoga community, my volunteer community, the people around me have held me and I have felt incredibly supported in a year of discomfort!

My hope is to support and to hold my friends and family as well as they have held me this past year. Thank you my lovely people in my life holding me. This is my gratitude post.

Roxy xo

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