Grounding down and looking up

What a year! And it is only August but so much has happened! This picture that I took last year reminds me to stay connected to the earth, to stay grounded and connected as I look up ahead to my goals and dreams. I want things to happen quickly – for me to hurry up and get my 350 hour qualification, to complete all of my assignments, to quickly deliver my projects at work, to achieve my 26 LinkedIn videos and 26 articles in 26 weeks now, to finish the LinkedIn course….I am looking up ahead, but practicing yoga daily also reminds me about the here and now. To connect with my breath, with each moment. It’s not about too far into the future or the destination, it’s about the journey to get there! I have to practice patience. 🙂 Practice patience, stay connected to here and now, not connected to my phone or another place in time, another memory. I want to make memories now.

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