Confessions of an aspiring yogi

I wrote this 23 February 2012 when I was practicing yoga in Toronto, Canada

Yoga, you are changing my life! Big statement. Yes. But I do love you and all you have to offer.

Admittedly I have much to learn like:
– remembering to pick up my yoga mat when I hop off the bus (these yoga mats are expensive)
– not meditating about delicious chicken marinated in soya sauce with onions, garlic and honey when I should be concentrating on breathing
– not falling asleep in class
– not pushing myself so that I put my neck and knee out of whack
– I don’t have to look like the chick that has been practicing for 15 years but to go at my own pace

Despite the lessons I am yet to learn or AM CURRENTLY learning, I am loving Kula Annex. Teachers are great and take a holistic approach to the practice of yoga. As my good friend said ‘If everyone did yoga, the world would be a better place’. Word.

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