It’s about progress, not perfection

said Susie, my amazing yoga teacher at Soho Yoga and nutritionist. This resonated with me. I made a commitment of daily yoga this year. I honoured and exceeded that commitment until 1 month ago. I had ramped up my yoga sessions to 2 per day – vinyasa, rise and shine yoga, yin yoga, power yoga and even hip hop yoga! I went on a yoga retreat 2 weeks and was fired up for more yoga! ANY kind of yoga I could get my hands on, or get my mat to, I was doing it. That was until my knees started cracking! My cracky left knee has left me stiff, jilted and heartbroken that I cannot do yoga for the next 2 – 4 weeks. My yoga is less than perfect and I am more than heartbroken. It was excellent to listen to Susie in a restorative yoga class letting me know, it’s about progress. I can do easy, restorative classes for injuries so that I can progress, not at the pace I want to! But, no matter because I am progressing, and I can’t complain with that. 

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