Hey guys, I’m super excited to share I just spoke at my first gig about depression and anxiety. I got trained up in Feb to speak at community events about depression and anxiety symptoms and treatment/support available. Beyond Blue, Sane and Lifeline are all there plus your local doc to support you if you feel unwell. Depression was a kicker for me about 4/5 years ago and finally at a place where I can do this. It’s not a chick thing, our men also are affected by it. If you don’t feel so good, or someone you care about, speak to someone and get the support you need. Let me know as well if you don’t know where to go, there are stacks of good resources available to get you tip top again. . . . .I also want to say big thank you to my support crew for getting me back to here again – Mum, Dad, my amazing siblings, my saving grace sister in law, Lyn, and friends and fam. You are the freaking best!!! xx #breakthestigma #depression #anxiety #firstgig

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