Aunty Nancy

To my beautiful Aunty Nancy, how I miss you! I have always viewed you as Dad’s big sister. Not as Dad’s first cousin, but as his sister. I always sensed a mutual love and respect between you and Dad. I know Dad and Aunty Ruth used to spend their holidays with you growing up in Samarai, and that you had a close bond with Grandma Mary.

I still remember when I was 11 and 12 years old and when we lived together at Gerehu. I used to brush your long beautiful hair, watch you smoke and listen to your stories. How I wished I had your long, lovely hair!

I want to thank you Aunty for being the best Aunty a niece could ever ask for. You gave me the best of you, so much love and patience and always had time to sit with me, chat with me, talk about Samarai days.

You would

– tell me about my Grandmother I never met

– tell me about my Grandfather in his hey day

– tell me about who my Dad was as a boy and before he was a father

– tell me about Mum before she became a wife and mother

– tell me about Aunty Ruth as a young girl, you gave me an understanding of my history and a sense of who I am, an understanding of my roots.

You had a keen sense of humour, fast wit, sharp mind and mouth and you were head strong. I will miss this about you, but above all, I will miss the big unconditonal love you have given me since the day I was born.

There are some people who come and go, but there are the other people that you meet and connect with on a deeper level. You and I connected on a deeper level and spoke about everything from Princess Diana and Prince Charles, PNG politics, history, my work, your work, boyfriends and travel. You were my friend that I could confide in, but also old enough to give me perspective and wisdom. I hate to think the mischief we would have gotten up to, if we were born in the same decade!

Aunty I miss you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, your love and your wisdom. As we lay you to rest, may you remember just how loved you are. I am sorry I am not there to say goodbye in person. I will cherish our time together. I love you. Lochi loves you. Lloyd and Ruth’s kids, we all love you, miss you and thank you.

Rest in peace my beautiful Aunty, Heaven got an angel today.

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