It’s almost 9 and I’m laying in bed reading the news before I have to get ready to leave and go to some art party in chinatown in a warehouse where ive been told theres music and a hot tub. haven’t decided if I’m “too old for this shit” yet but I’m guessing all signs point to yes.

I haven’t written anything on here in a long time, probably because life has been simple. sometimes i like to go a few months without writing anything (outside of freelance stuff) because it feels like I’m ‘letting things build’ if that makes any sense. 

there’s chicago and there’s my apartment and there’s grocery shopping on sundays and calling my mom on my lunch break and then there’s

the plants and books and art and other things accumulating on the floors I haven’t quite done anything with yet

so it’s all been kind of boring but in a warm, soothing kind of way. 

i’m thinking of adopting a dog, thinking of trips I want to take later this year, thinking of how to get in the habit of working on my book every day, thinking about work and all that’s coming in the next few months but 

of course

none of this is without concern and worry about everything happening in america. every day the headlines make me physically nauseous but I feel unable to look away – partly because my job requires me to keep up with the daily content grind but also because I just cant NOT read the news right now.

tomorrow i will wake up early to get coffee and donuts and drive two hours to my mothers house in indiana. the world might be crazy right now but coming together in any way we can right now feels so needed.

 that’s all for now. i hope wherever you are you feel warm and loved and have some sort of passion inside of you that this world wont strip away

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