Wake Up (Like, Right Now)


My favorite thing about flying is that part when you look out the window and down on the region you’re leaving.  From so high above, the messy day-to-day details of life disappear, and what remains is the Big Picture.  Everything’s suddenly simple again.  Grander.  More immediate.  There’s the majestic Pacific, there’s another traffic jam, there’s where our water comes from, there’s where bodies go to be buried… and, oh, look, I bet someone’s climbing up that mountain right this very minute- and it’s insanely difficult for them right now, but when they look back at it years from now, they won’t feel a single regret… just pride and satisfaction.  The houses are so tiny from up above, they look like all of the other tiny houses across the whole country; it’s impossible to discern the five bedroom home from the two.  Everything is just so charmingly homogenous it makes me want to start screaming Talking Heads lyrics, run around the plane in a topless frenzy, just to force all of the hyper-polite, business casual nerds around me to WAKE UP for five minutes. Just to be weird for weird’s sake, because life is short and urgent and exactly as magical as we choose to make it.

All of a  sudden I’m slapped in the face by how outrageously absurd it is to not do every damn thing you can do to make your life extraordinary. To be driven by your passion, and nourished by your passion.  To love without reservation, to give away as much of your heart as you can possibly bear because you’re able to fully trust that your investment will have so many beautiful returns, and if it doesn’t, that’s perfectly okay too.  At least we tried.

Looking down at the world, it strikes me as utterly bizarre that anyone lets their one precious shot at life become bogged down by avoidable stress and petty annoyances, that people actually choose to succumb to the mire of their comfort zones rather than taking risks, exploring, being afraid but proceeding anyway, because the more you open up the more you can take in.

Now is my time to open, to blossom, to bloom bigger than ever before.  To sashay through life and flaunt my inner self like the extravagant gift that it is.  To be a conductor of love and light and laughter, because, for fuck’s sake, the world is in dire need of all the luminosity we can cough up.  We know these things, deep down, but constantly we forget, and then we remember, and then we forget, and then we remember… 

We owe it, to everything in the universe, to wake up, and to keep reminding ourselves and each other, every chance we get.

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