Not your ordinary yoga teacher

Swami Shivjyoti is an amazing teacher. In a nutshell, where she
goes, I will follow. Along with half a dozen other yogis from her class. A key
lesson in yoga is non-attachment to people, to objects, to expectations. But, I
do feel connected to my wonderful teacher.

My co-worker asked me recently “What makes a good yoga
teacher?”. Great question and Swami Shivjyoti came to mind immediately. She is terrific
and hands down my favourite teacher.

Swami Shivjyoti

is technically excellent, understands
each and every pose, the anatomy behind each pose and how the body is connected
to the mind and spirit. Experienced with over 10 years of practice under her
belt, Shiv Jyoti shares her knowledge freely and with patience and kindness. It
is not all about yoga poses and I have learned about this history of yoga
through her classes and also about taking the practice off the mat and into my
daily life.

I have struggled with depression my whole life and through
regular practice finally feel as though I manage depression and my emotions,
rather depression own me. I have met wonderful people through Shiv Jyoti’s yoga
classes and can’t highlight the benefits enough; builds mental health and resilience,
physical strength and emotional well-being. I see the world through a different

Thank you

Swami Shivjyoti for your lessons and commitment to all
your students, you are terrific.

Roxy xx

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