TEN for Tenacity


Signs from God come in the most unexpected ways. I had been struggling with my faith and self-belief. When you are depressed, you are in a trance and in a negative thought cycle with little to no faith. I knew I had to stop, and I had taken to writing on my left hand “TEN” for TENACITY to remind me each day, that I am tenacious and more powerful than I give myself credit for.

On this day that I had written “TEN” on my left ring finger, I picked up the phone and dialed my client. Part of my role is to go through an identification process and determine if my clients identify themselves as having a disability or not. I spoke to a 90 year old woman who told me that she had suffered a stroke and spoke with a slur. Despite this, she was able to complete her Masters certificate and the strike did not hinder her learning – she did not identify as having a disability. This was her 3rd qualification and she had completed 2 bachelor degrees and was still working.

We had a great chat, and it was inspiring for me to hear her story and her tenacity to gain back her motor skills following her stroke, and her tenacity.

Tenacity. It’s not always loud, muscular, about brute strength or written on your left ring finger. It’s about the power within and the will to survive and thrive. She gets a ten out of ten for tenacity.

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