Living abroad vs travelling

Living abroad vs travelling are 2 very different things. Live abroad and you get a true sense of a place and experience a place, and not just the touristy, glossy or superficial experience. 

I have lived abroad from my birth country Papua New Guinea for 18 years now. I call Australia and Papua New Guinea home and for the 3 years I was in Canada, Toronto was my home. My ears prick at the sound of news in Australia, PNG and Canada.

The best thing about living abroad for me has been meeting people from all walks of life, learning about new cultures and forging fantastic friendships. Despite cultural differences and nuances, we are all the same. Love is love whatever country you are in or language you speak and family is family whatever city or country town you are in and friends are friends wherever you are.

Not groundbreaking or new information! But, we are all more similar than we think. Same same, but different.

It is also interesting that everyone in their hometown thinks it’s boring, yet are protective when tourists are critical of their hometown. Newcomers to cities and towns will often pick up and fall in love with what locals will miss.

When I was in Canada, friends I met over there said “You are from Paradise. Why would you leave?”. And when I was in PNG, everyone is over the heat and dreams of snow and cooler days. 

I have also found that sometimes you need to leave something to come back and truly appreciate it.

I am grateful for my spiritual home and birth country PNG, and where I can go to at anytime and always find a bed to call my own. My adopted country Australia which has embraced me, educated me and given me countless opportunities. And Canada where I learned so much about life, love and myself. My 3 favourite countries that have shaped me and that I have so much love for.

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