When I left Brisbane 3.5 years ago, I swore I would not be back. I felt like I was “dying inside” and needed to flee this beautiful city. And yet, on Saturday night I was sitting on the train, here in Brisbane, listening to 2 other passengers say how “boring” Brisbane is and I found myself getting annoyed as I heard them compare Brisbane to Singapore, Hong Kong and other cities that never sleep. I sat quietly and annoyed on the train into the city. It was later that it dawned on me that my reaction showed how much I do love Brisbane and how Brisbane is my home in Australia.

Last year I relocated from Canada back to Australia and jumped around from Sydney to Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne to Port Moresby and finally back to Brisbane. I was enjoying getting to know Australia better, but as soon as I landed in Brisbane, I felt like I was home.

After 9 months of cold weather a year in Canada, I appreciate the 11 months of blue skies, warm weather and relaxed atmosphere that I once took for granted. The business culture is unique to Sydney and Melbourne, however don’t let the blue skies or warm weather fool you. Business is thriving in Brisbane and Queensland as our southern counterparts move north and Brisbane continues to attract international investors, travellers and students. The foodie culture is changing and there is an exciting arts and music culture in Brisbane.

The city does sleep, and it is part of it’s charm.

Point of my story? Sometimes you need to leave what you know to appreciate what you had and still have.

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