Great Gatsby Fever

1920’s fever has gripped the world! Including Australia. Or should i say, especially Australia! With Australia’s own Baz Luhrmann the visionary behind the epic Great Gatsby production and Leonardo DiCaprio it’s not a question of why, but no wonder! Even eBay reported a massive increase in people searching for all things 1920’s and Great Gatsby inspired.

I jumped on board the Gatsby bandwagon and found myself sitting in Elsternwick’s Palace Cinema waiting patiently for Leonardo’s face to appear on the big screen. The seats were cushy, it was raining outside, I was warm inside and I had my popcorn. I was good to go. All movie goers turned off mobile phones and the lights dimmed. 

It is definitely something seeing the pre-cinema ads on the big screen. Got me thinking about my clients, cinema advertising, that illusive creative nugget, medium and how it all comes into play!

At cinemas you have a focused and captured audience ready and waiting to view their movie. Mobile phones are off, it’s quiet, you are not competing for attention from other drivers, traffic lights, noisy billboards, radio ads. You have a full screen and visually it is fantastic with surround sound. You have an opportunity to be smart, choose your movie carefully and reach your target group.

As I was thinking this, a dishevelled character appeared on screen and I was drawn in straight away by this engaging but disturbing character. Anxiety was his name. The ad was part of Beyond Blue’s national anxiety and depression awareness campaign. This ad stood out for me because of the strong creative idea which personified anxiety and depression. The talent delivered so you could see anxiety and depression in a tangible, human form through a short film which capitalised on the medium. The short film was longer than a 30 second spot and held audience interest. If you can get these elements right – a great creative idea that resonates with the target group along with a clear call to action, which is in the right medium, you have a clear winner. Now, I realise that it is a tall order, getting all of these elements right, but it is the creative challenge or opportunity (depending if you are a half-full or haIf-empty person). It is an excellent campaign and I remembered Beyond Blue’s short film and also checked out the website after the Great Gatsby.

Now, speaking of Great Gatsby, I love Gatsby and his generous, kind, loving and hopeful spirit. Without giving too much away, I recommend this movie! The movie has received mixed reviews with much hype around Jay Z’s involvement. It is a spectacular production (as all of Baz’s productions are) and tells a beautiful and sad love story.

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