Great to meet you Melbourne! For sure, we have been in touch before, but I am loving your coffee shops, your delicious food, your shops, beautiful, heritage buildings, public art installations, sports, events, crisp air, golden brown autumn leaves and kind and helpful people.

Sure, you are a bit chilly! But after a minus 22 Canadian winter, I think I can handle ten degrees. Above zero is a dream! It is all relative right!

Locals are quietly proud of their stylish, arty, sporty and friendly city. Foreigners rave about the world city and don’t want to leave. Newbies like me are excited and hopeful looking in, eager to be a part of it all.

Melbourne, I am looking forward to getting to know you better!

Top image and bottom left image shows the Helix Tree. The installation responds to sound. Choirs light up the tree. Very cool!

Bottom right image is of Melbourne’s Elizabeth St downtown. Leaves are golden brown, the air is crisp and cool, winter is coming!

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