Oh Honolulu, I may never leave you.

I arrived in Honolulu to be greeted by warm air, coconut trees and summer rain. Warm rain? After a cold winter, I can easily handle warm rain. It is beautiful at Waikiki Beach. Touristy? Yes, but I’ll still take it!

White beaches, clear water, I feel at home here and think of my Grandma in PNG. She hates going to Port Moresby (PNG’s capital) and gated communities, and I can see why. When she has gardens for her backyard, million-dollar ocean views from her front verandah, what’s not to love. I make a mental note – must see Grandma when I am settled back in and organised with a job, I set off on a walk along the beach.

Hawaii is same same to PNG but also different. While we are a part of the same Ocean, Hawaii is part of Polynesia and PNG is part of Melanesia and closer to Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia in terms of traditions and cultures.

People here are so friendly. "What’s it like living in Paradise?“ I asked the person on front desk. "It’s expensive!” he said. Makes sense, given this is a tourist hot spot and quick flight from Vancouver, U.S West Coast, Asia and Australia. He studied and lived in New York but left the concrete jungle for Hawaii. Good on you brother!

Still figuring out the plan for the rest of the week, and I can’t wait to get to know Hawaii more. XX

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