Beware the smiling assassin of a salesman.

So, I was very nearly sucked in by this friendly, charming salesman on Queen St in Toronto. As we tested products on my skin and spoke about what I was doing in Toronto, what he was doing in Toronto, he made a few off hand comments like

“You are not getting any younger”

 “Your eyes are baggy”

“Your eyes tell me you are 37, but the rest of your face tells me you are 27” (I am 30 years old)

“You are not getting any younger”

“Yes, I can tell you use basic products” and again, in case I didn’t hear the first 2 times…

“You are not getting any younger”

He said this with a smile and while holding my hand.

When I explained that I can’t buy the $140 cleanser or bonus $150 skin toner because I am soon to be unemployed and on the job trail in Australia, he said that’s exactly why I needed to buy. Buy now cos it’s an investment and I am returning to a hot country. Good God I thought to myself and ran out the door. Soap and water will be fine for my skin!

The experience made me think of the Dove beauty campaign. At first glance, a seemingly beautiful ad campaign but beware the charming salesperson. Everything with a grain of salt right?

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