Ayers Rock at sunrise and sunset, December 2012

She’s beautiful! She’s sacred and also known as Uluru. On the drive out to Ayers Rock, we stumbled across another large rock formation that we thought was Uluru! But in fact, wasn’t. We were oohhinng and ahhing over another rock and expecting to turn off the road to take a closer look at this rock. We kept trucking along and then found the real Ayers Rock!

It was super interesting at Ayers Rock and I could hear a tonne of different accents around. Japanese, German, English, Australian. On the way out, we saw a lot of desert! 4 hours of desert and makes me think of Vegas and people trekking out into desert. Well-worth the trek to learn about and see a historical Australian site.

The rock is beautiful and we walked around and viewed paintings on the rock. You would not think it, but  Ayers Rock is quite wide as well as large. Every curve, watering hole, painting has a story behind it and meaning. 

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