These are the most important letters in the alphabet and on your keyboard right? These letters form the foundation of all words in English. That’s what you think huh.


Don’t underestimate the power of the N key, B key and the spacebar. Those 3 keys are so important to me! My name has 2 N’s in it, I was born in Port MoresBy so I often use this the B key with logins and well the spacebar, you need that to type fullstop!

So I am very pleased with my new laptop and working keys. Gone are the awkward days of having people over and not being able to change the YouTube music channel or listening to Elton John CDs cos that’s all that I have.

Excuses/laptop use avoidance and comments like “Oh sorry, our internet is down/my laptop is broken/no cannot work at all, so we will sit here in silence without music or any kind of entertainment on our Saturday night, thanks for coming over! I know, I am just so much fun.”….

Alas, I never promised you coolness or promised that I’m a hipster. And I am clearly not as I am sitting here at 12am writing about the importance of certain keys.

Basically, this is a word salad*, scrambling to highlight how stoked I am about a working keyboard! Yay, B.N.B.N. Space. Space. .Yay. Email me! I’ll write you back!

*Word salad: When you have words floating in and around your head/your mouth that don’t make sense.

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