Texas. How y’ll doin’..

With a ‘Can’t wait to see you!’ text to cousin sis at 5am, I zipped my hot pink suitcase locked the front door and bolted down the quiet streets of Toronto. Woop woo, goneskis for a week to see some family in Texas of all places!

When I spoke with workmates I let them know that I was going to Texas for Chrissy. ‘Texas?’ they asked somewhat bewildered as to why I was going to Texas. ‘Yep! Going to see cousin sis.’ I said. Random, but seems PNG people love to travel. Lol.

Tired from the flight but happy, met with cousin sis to meet brother-in-law. First impressions of Texans = Friendliest most down to earth people on the face of this earth! 

The southern accent of Texans took me some getting used to and please forgive me ignorance but did take me back to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’s’ movie starring Reece Witherspoone.

Had a fab time in Texas.

Roads are big, big, big. Everyone has a pick up truck! Or a ‘ute’ as they say in Aust and PNG.

Super multicultural in Texas and managed to check out Dallas, Fort Worth and George Town just outside of Austin. 

Dallas is the bigger city and reminded me of the TV show ‘Dallas’ that I grew up watching in the 80’s with my Mum. Dallas is the business hub in Texas. Fort Worth is a quieter, picturesque, quaint, pretty town which is rapidly growing.

Shopping is super cheap. I was keen to buy a pair of Texan boots and cowboy hat, but at $200 a pop, I could not quite afford the fancy Texan boots. Also, don’t think I can pull off the boots with sweet designs.

Sweet tea = delish. They start you early on the sweet tea in Texas. 4 years old in fact. My adopted niece (brother-in-law’s niece) was craving her sweet tea when we went shopping. It is good though and you have to try it. The sugar is addictive.

Superbowl is even bigger! I was met with angry glances when I purchased my ‘Dallas Cowboys’ jersey. Picked the wrong team according to locals! ‘I’m a tourist’ I said!

Food is delicious in Texas. Spare ribs are devine. Food is perhaps not the best for veggos. Hunting is huge and the rifles you can buy at Walmart and deer and buffalo mounted on the walls might not be your cup of tea. That said, I love Texas.

Texas is swiftly growing and has a tremendous amount of history. It is the biggest state in U.S and growth rate can be attributed to the fact that there are many headoffices in Texas for global companies. Also, the cost of living is less than the East or West Coasts of U.S and many people are moving to Texas. (Source: Texan brother-in-law). Dallas Fort-Worth is a liveable city and offers great work-life balance.

All in all, loved Texas! Definitely don’t mess with Texas. Thanks Delly + Danyel for having me, had a ball with you. XX

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