Corned beef in NYC

New York, New York, I’ve seen you in so many movies and seen you in Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State of Mind’ video. I had heard much about you and when I was little thought you were a place of make believe. How nice it was to meet you after all this time and to know that you are indeed real.

We met on a hot summer’s day and you exhausted me as I slept in Central Park only to be woken by security. Streets are wide, buildings are tall, drivers are impatient, subway lines are confusing. You are indeed a concrete jungle dotted with bits of green and surrounded by water.

‘How was it?’ everyone asked me excitedly – ‘She’s gritty, bustling, busy, loud, brash, a melting pot of cultures, a cultural hub.’ She is also very surprising. Certainly did not expect to find family this side of the world or to eat Corned Beef cooked PNG style: rice and onions for dinner. Sure hit the spot, a sense of home this side of the world.

You have surprised and delighted me and I can’t wait to come back so we can chill some more and I can get to know you better. You are a tough city, lots of character and loved by many.


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